Massachusetts Waste Bans

Many small business owners are unaware that Massachusetts has had waste bans in place for several years.  These apply to both residents and businesses alike.  In an effort to help you understand the bans and the requirements they place upon you, please read on.

The bans are designed to:

  • Conserve capacity at existing disposal facilities
  • Minimize the need for new facility construction
  • Provide sustained volumes of raw materials to recycling markets
  • Keep certain toxic items out of the waste stream
  • Promote business and personal recycling efforts

What is banned:

  • Recyclable Paper – All cardboard, paper, paperboard (except tissue paper, toweling, paper plates and cups, wax coated papers)
  • Glass Containers - Glass bottles and jars
  • Metal containers – Aluminum, steel or bi-metal beverage and food containers
  • All plastics # 1 to 7
  • Leaves and Yard Waste – Grass clippings, small brush, garden materials
  • Batteries – lead-acid batteries used in automotive or stationary applications and rechargeable batteries
  • White Goods – Refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, stoves, water heaters and other large metal appliances
  • Whole Tires
  • Cathode Ray tubes – TV’s, computer monitors, certain scientific instruments

What to do with these items:

If you have a private waste hauler ask them about recycling services.  They are required by the bans to make recycling services available to you. 

If you want to participate in our municipal curbside recycling services please contact the Solid Waste Department at (508) 867-6769 ext 311 on Monday - Thursday from 9-3 pm.  You may be eligible to participate based on the volume of materials you generate.  An annual fee of $130 would apply if you are eligible for participation.

You may use the Drop-off center for Leaves & Yard Waste, Batteries, White Goods, Tires, and Cathode Ray Tubes subject to regularly published fees even if you don’t participate in the curbside program.

You may also wish to contact WasteCap, a non-profit recycling services organization, for information on recycling resources provided by more than 400 companies.  WasteCap can be reached at (617) 236-7715 or visit the website HERE.

For more information on waste bans, contact the DEP at (617) 348-4002.  For more information on commercial recycling, contact the DEP at (617)292-5987.