The Town also offers curbside recycling services handling:

  • All forms of paper products including newsprint, magazines, “junk” mail and cardboard in all forms except Pizza boxes. Cardboard should be cut into pieces no larger than 2’x2’.
  • #1 through #7 Plastic food and beverage containers rinsed clean
  • Glass food containers, all types rinsed clean.
  • Metal food cans and lids rinsed clean
  • Green recycling bins are available at the Recycle Center on Stevens Road.
  • INMercury Thermometer Exchange is at the Solid Waste Dept. on Monday -Thursdays  9:00-2:00pm.

Recycling Center
The Town also operates a drop-off recycling center near the Highway Department facility off Cottage St, on Stevens Rd. You will need a current recycle sticker to use. No fees are charged except where noted.  Please see the Recycling Center Fee Schedule link for details on fees charged for certain items.  Items accepted include:

  • Yard waste including leaves and grass clippings. All residents are encouraged to practice “backyard composting” whenever possible as well.
  • Brush and tree limbs, no large trunks or stumps please.
  • Scrap metal .  NO TOILETS or non metallic items, PLEASE.
  • Major appliances including stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioner and dehumidifiers (fees apply)
  • Electronics including TV’s, computers and stereo equipment (fees apply)
  • Tires, all sizes, mounted or not (fees apply)
  • Waste automotive oils including motor, transmission and hydraulic oils and filters.
  • Waste automotive anti-freeze
  • Unbroken fluorescent light bulbs (fees apply)
  • Intact, non-leaking automotive lead-acid batteries (fees apply)
  • Propane tanks (fees apply)
  • Mercury based batteries & Ni-Cad Batteries - rechargeable batteries

Compost is offered FREE for the taking at the center as well