Rules and Regulations


EAST BROOKFIELD CEMETERIES RULES AND REGULATIONS Revised and Approved October 2001 Revised November, 2013 1. All lots shall be subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the Cemetery Commissioners. 2. No work, of any kind, shall be done except by the Cemetery Commissioners, or whomsoever the Commissioners designate. 3. All caskets must be enclosed in a suitable concrete burial vault. All cremated remains must be buried in a sturdy, vault-type, concrete exterior container, of a type approved by the Cemetery Commissioners. 4. No interment shall be permitted in, or memorial placed upon, any lot which has not been completely paid for, or signed for, except by a special vote of the Cemetery Commissioners and upon such terms as they might impose. 5. Payment for grave openings must be made when services are rendered. Rates are available from the Funeral Directors or upon request from the Commissioners. An additional fee will be charged for unattended (no funeral director) graveside services and/or burials and made payable to the Town of East Brookfield. No Interments, full or cremains, will be allowed on SUNDAYS OR HOLIDAYS. 6. A lawn stone or flush marker, may be placed at each grave, but only one above ground memorial is permitted in each lot, unless there has been prior agreement and consent by the Cemetery Commissioners. 7. The Cemetery Commissioners must be notified before the placement of any above ground memorials Or foot stones. 8. No trees, shrubs or vines shall be planted on any new or existing lots. 9. Flowers or plants may be planted on one side of the memorial only, and not to be planted more than twelve (12) inches from the memorial. 10. All summer flowers, plants, baskets, artificial flowers etc. will be removed by October first. Winter baskets may be placed the first weekend after November first. All winter baskets, artificial flowers etc. will be removed removed by April first. Decorations will not be removed if there has been prior agreement with the Cemetery Commissioners. All such request must be placed prior to the deadlines listed above. 11. The cemetery roads or drives shall be used for no purpose other than that normally associated with cemeteries. They shall not be used as thoroughfares or parking areas for anything other than cemetery use. (MGL 114 s. 42) 12. All Lots in either cemetery shall be sold only to residents of East Brookfield. However, lots may be purchased in either cemetery by former residents of East Brookfield by providing proof of such residency to the Cemetery Commissioners. 13. Lot Owner: The person or persons who originally purchased the lot has exclusive use of the rights to burial and determines who should be buried in the lot, subject to the conditions, rules and regulations of the cemetery. Upon the decease of the owner/purchaser, the widow(er) of the owner shall maintain a perpetual right to be buried in the lot. The widow(er) may release his/her right in such lot to others but no action by others may deprive him/her of this right. (MGL 114 s. 32 & 33) 14. Heirs of the lot owner: Upon decease of the lot owner, the title to the lot shall vest in his or her heirs by law. If two or more persons are entitled to the possession and use of the lot, they shall designate in writing, with a notarized signature which of their number shall represent the lot and shall be authorized to make decisions about future burials. If no representative is named the Cemetery Commissioners shall have the right to select which of such persons represent the lot. (MGL 114 s. 29:31). 15. All cemetery lots in Evergreen or Podunk Cemetery shall remain undivisible. (MGL 114 s. 29) 16. No transfer of lots without approval: The burial rights of the lot are granted to the purchaser and owner of the lot and to his/her heirs for the purpose of the burial of members of the immediate family or other persons designated by the owner. The sale, transfer or exchange of lots between family members, friends or other persons is prohibited and void without the written approval of the Cemetery Commissioners. 17. The sale or repurchase of any unused cemetery lot will be at the price that was originally paid for the lot. 18. The Cemetery Commissioners disclaim all responsibility for the loss or damage to any lot, monuments, vault, marker, statues, vigil lights or decorative flowers for causes beyond our reasonable control. 19. The Cemetery Commissioners reserve the right any any time to change, amend, alter, repeal, rescind or add to these Rules and Regulations, or to adopt any new rule or regulation with respect to the Cemeteries or anything that pertains to it.