Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control Department works under the general supervision of the Board of Selectmen. It's function is to apprehend all loose and/or unlicensed dogs, investigate all complaints, issue necessary citations, appear in court with necessary records, clear town of any suspected rabid animals and follow proper protocol for their testing and/or disposal. Responsible for enforcement of state and local laws and ordinances relating to the town by-laws and MGL. Control and care for dogs or other small animals and accepts and handle related complaints.

The Animal Control Officers responsibilities are to picks up stray and unlicensed dogs, makes and refers complaints against owners of dogs not properly licensed and collared; enforces state and town by-laws, collects the bodies of small animals found dead within the municipality and disposes of them as related to rabies control (not inclusive of wildlife or related animals found dead in roadway which are picked up by the Department of Public Works); handles all matters and complaints pertaining to dogs and other animals. Performs all duties in conformance with appropriate safety and security standards. Investigating all animal bites that have been reported to the Board of Health and/or Police Department or related department. Respond to all calls concerning unleashed and/or unlicensed animals, dead animals, nuisance complaints and any violations of state or local by-laws and the penalties applicable as specified under Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 140. Owners of dogs that are in violation of existing laws will be subject to penalties and will receive citations and fines when necessary.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Douglas Blood Animal Control Officer - Assistant