East Brookfield Fire Department Permits/Fees

Fee ScheduleFirst Insp.2nd Insp.Valid for:
Fire Alarm Inspections   
1 and 2 Family$15.00$10.00 
Condominiums$15.00 per unit$10.00 per unit 
Multi Family$15.00 per unit$10.00 per unit 
Commercial $20.00$20.00 
Sprinkler Alarm$25.00$25.00 
Fuel, Flammable Liquids Storage and Use   
Oil burner and Oil Storage$25.00$15.00 
L.P. Permit Home, Camper and Grill$25.00$15.00 
Underground Tank Installation $50.00/tank$10.00 
Underground Tank Removal $50.00/tank$10.00 
Flammable Storage Above Ground$25.00/tank 5 years
Flammable Storage Below Ground$25.00/tank 5 years
Flammable Storage - Pickup Trucks$25.00  
Flammable Storage - Tank Trucks$25.00  
Permit to Display Flammable Liquids$25.00  
Tar Kettles$25.00  
Waste Oil Storage$25.00  
Residential Black Powder$10.00  
Commercial Black Powder$25.00  
Ammo Sales/Storage$25.00  
Blasting Permits$25.00 30 days
Decoration Permits$25.00 30 days
Portable LP Useage$15.00  
Sprinkler Plan Review$50.00/100  
Cutting and Welding (includes Arc, plasma, oxy/cetyl)$25/device  
Other Inspections/Permits   
Open Burning - Brush$20.00 Jan 15-May 1
Smoke and CO detectors (26F - home sales)$50.00$35.0060 days
License inspections$25.00  
Occupancy permit$20.00$15.00 
21E Studies$20.00/site  
Copies of Fire Reports$10.00/report  
Fire Alarm connection and Test$50.00  
Hood Ansel System$25.00  
Nursing Home Inspection$25.00  
Copies of EMS reports$10.00/report