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The Board of Selectmen wish to create a Personnel Committee.  If you are interested, please feel free to email the board at ebbos300@eastbrookfieldma.us or via mail at

Town of East Brookfield

Board of Selectmen

Memorial Town Complex

122 Connie Mack Drive

East Brookfield, MA  01515


The personnel committee would:

  • operate under the authority of the Board of Selectmen and be temporary to fulfill its duties

  • Consist of 5 members appointed by a majority of the Board of Selectmen

  • Would elect a chair and clerk and hold regular, posted meetings in accordance with Open Meeting Laws

  • work with relevant boards from each town and other entities as it deems appropriate or necessary to fulfill its charges

  • would make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen as an advisory committee


Selection criteria and process for members

  • Members serve for a term of one year, and subject to re-appointment

  • Members need not be full-time residents of East Brookfield

  • Members should have some municipal or corporate experience in human resources management or administration, personnel management, benefits administration or some other aspect of the hiring and personnel process.Though not necessary, it will be given preference or priority

  • Interested persons would formally notify the Board of Selectmen of their intent to serve, with some type of resume or attestation of experience; the BoS will meet with them and discuss their interest in the committee prior to voting to appoint them.

  • Members may not be employees of or contractors to the town, or be immediate family of the same.However, this would be at the discretion of the Board of Selectmen

  • Members would not be currently sitting members of the East Brookfield Board of Selectmen or Finance Committee, as they will be involved in this process in those capacities at some further stage


Proposed charges of the committee


  • Provide regular updates to the BoSas necessary, to be presented in writing or in open meeting

  • Assess the current positions of Town Clerk, Town Collector and Town Treasurer with regard to rate of pay, benefits, and total compensation package for the responsibilities of each. The committee is to determine and recommend a fair compensation for these positions for a town of this size. Fair compensation may or may not include benefits.

  • Perform a detailed analysis of each position, assessment of job description of each position, meetings with the current officeholders and others if or as necessary.

  • Inquire with other towns that are similar in size to East Brookfield, with positions that are similar in terms of scope, hours and duties.

  • Additional analysis as the advisory committee deems necessary

  • Provide regular updates to the BoS as necessary, to be presented in writing or in open meeting

  • Make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen as necessary